EP2119: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Moonshine Matter

Bob Bailey

Johnny heads to Missouri to deliver a $5,000 settlement check to the widow of the insured but he has to make it through hillbilly country to do it.

Original Air Date: March 6, 1960

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  1 comment for “EP2119: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Moonshine Matter”

  1. Tim Szeliga
    February 14, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    Regarding the Moonshine Matter:

    C-SPAN has a Lectures in History podcast.
    1870s Moonshine Wars in Appalachia (1 hr. 5 min. – December 31, 2016)
    Appalachian State University Professor Bruce Stewart teaches a class on the so-called “Moonshine Wars” in Appalachia in the 1870s.

    Why do we Yankees have such stereotypical ideas about “hillbillies”?
    In the late 1800’s, there was a fad for “local color reporting”. Writers
    from Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago would trek out to the Ozarks and
    Appalachia and come back with lurid tales of life in the hills. Professor Stewart
    shows precisely where our false views came from, with citations.

    Moonshine, likker stills, barefoot and pregnant, all the tropes we use
    without even thinking. They originated with these “local color writers”.

    Here’s the link. Maybe your listeners would enjoy (as Paul Harvey would say)
    the rest of the story.

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