Category: Video Theater

Video Theater 085: Dragnet: The Big Lamp

A burglar is acquitted by a jury. When a new string of burglaries start, Friday and Jacobs suspect him.

Original Air Date: July 19, 1952


Video Theater 084: Michael Shayne: Murder Round My Wrist

A wealthy businessman is killed when a Doctor gives him insulin due to a diabetic bracelet being on his wrist and then the bracelet disappears.

Original Air Date: January 20, 1961
Season 1, Episode 16

Video Theater 083: Dragnet: The Big Casing

A man swears his wife committed suicide, but Friday and Smith think it was murder.

Original Air Date: June 5, 1952


Video Theater 082: Michael Shayne: Spotlight on a Corpse

Shayne investigates murder on a film set.

Season 1, Episode 15

Original Air Date: January 13, 1961

Video Theater 081: Dragnet: The Big Phone Call


Joe Friday and Frank Smith have done a thorough investigation and have their man in a jewelry robbery. Now, all they want is to get a confession.

Original Air Date: May 22, 1952