Category: Video Theater

Video Theater 066: Ellery Queen: The Adventure of the Hanging Acrobat

Ellery investigates the death of an a aerialist at the circus.

Original Air Date: December 21, 1950 from Dumont Network.

Video Theater 065: The Mandarin Mystery

Ellery Queen investigates the disappearance of a rare Chinese stamp and comes across two murders along the way.

Release Date: December 23, 1936

Video Theater 064: Decoy: Saturday Was Lost

Casey (Beverly Garland) needs to help a teenage girl remember what happened while she was in a drug induced stupor.

Episode 22

Video Theater 063: Lock Up: The Case of Frank Corry

“Friends” of a cop steal his gun while he’s at law school and use it in a safe burglary to shoot another cop. Maris investigates at the request of Weston. Leonard Nimoy guest stars.

Season 1, Episode 20 (1960)

Video Theater 062: An Error in Chemistry

A carnie marries the daughter of an old man with $75,000 in property. Soon after the wedding, he calmly calls the police to confess to murdering her.

Season 1, Episode 7 (December 2, 1954)

From a story by Nobel Prize winning author William Faulkner that originally appeared in Ellery Queen Magazine in 1946.

1955 Academy Award Winner and Golden Globe Winner Edmond O’Brien stars as Joel Flint with Lon Chaney, Jr. as Old Man Pritchel, and Douglas Kennedy as Uncle Gavin.