Category: Video Theater

Video Theater 116: Dragnet: The Big Dance

Friday and Smith search for two young hold up men.

Season 2, Episode 33 (June 25, 1953)

Video Theater 115: Dragnet: Big Barrette

Friday and Smith investigate the death of a girl who apparently had no enemies.

Season 2, Episode 32

Air Date: June 18, 1953

Video Theater 114: Richard Diamond: The Torch Carriers

Diamond is hired to find a man, but finds out the client isn’t telling him the truth.

Original Air Date: August 26, 1957

Video Theater 113: Dragnet: The Big Hands

Friday and Smith search for a man who strangled a woman in a hotel room.

Season 2, Episode 28

Original Air Date: May 21, 1953

Video Theater 112: Richard Diamond: The Chess Player

The wife of an eccentric businessman hires Diamond to keep her husband safe, to do so he’ll need to brush up on his chess.

Season 1, Episode 8

Original Air Date: August 19, 1957

Video Theater 111: Dragnet: The Big Lease

Joe Friday and Frank Smith search for a missing landlord.

Season 2, Episode 27 (May 14, 1953)

Video Theater 110: Richard Diamond: The Big Score

Diamond goes undercover as a Canadian businessman to connect with a gambling racket and find out if a client’s husband actually witnessed a murder.

Original Air Date: August 12, 1957

Season 1, Episode 7