Day: April 5, 2014

EP1226: Police Headquarters: Red Dugan Murder and Laundry Trucknapping

A gangster is murdered and the murderer seeks an alibi.

A twenty-year old son of a wealthy man is kidnapped.

Episodes 1 and 2.

Original Air Date: 1932

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Telefilm Review: Mrs. McGinty’s Dead

After a rocky tenth series, the eleventh series of Poirot kicked off with Mrs. McGinty’s dead.  A man is convicted of murdering his landlady in what seems like a clear cut case. However, the investigating officer has doubts,  so he asks Poirot to take a second look at the case. Poirot investigates and as often happens, Poirot finds himself in a small English community where multiple secrets are being kept.

I loved this episode. I may have enjoyed  this even more than its merits deserved after my problems with  the tenth series, but this is what Poirot is supposed to be. The program has Poirot traversing the English country side in search behind the truth about two photographs which could save the life of a man on a death row. There are plenty of twists and turns, with sensational cinematography and competent acting from the supporting cast. This episode was a very strong and enjoyable adaptation of Christie’s story.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5.0

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