Video Theater 037: Court of Last Resort: The Frank Clark Case

In episode 19 of the Court of Last Resort from 1958, Sam Farrell (Lyle Bettger) investigates the case of a man convicted of killing a middle aged man who was home from work early.

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  1. February 14, 2013 at 2:49 am

    Love the way U program U’r shows.
    I been listen 4yrs. to old shows &just
    Fell in lov with them immediately
    But,even more, you’ll never know
    How pleased to find U also sent out
    The OTR TV series of G.D.s for early
    I was 12 before we even got a TV
    &had to go to bed by 10:00pm
    After spending the time from 6:00pm
    Till than doing homework.
    So I never saw most of the shows
    Except on Friday Nights when were
    We lived The Great Sherlock Homes
    Came on after the nightly news around
    10:00pm and I had the great privilege
    To watch S H I remembers the
    Especially the beginning of the show.
    A Big Thank You for putting them on
    As well as the Radio Shows
    I can not sleep at night so well
    When I am having a bad night
    You help me pass the time till my Meds
    Kick in.
    “Merci ” “many thanks” “gracious”

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