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EP1650: Nick Carter: The Accidental Bullet, Parts Three and Six

Lon Clark

Nick and Scubby are trapped by the killers as they try to close in on the killers.

Original Air Dates: June 14 and June 19, 1944

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EP1649: Philip Marlowe: The Sword of Cebu

Gerald Mohr

Marlowe is hired to find a sword over which his client’s partner was killed.

Original Air Date: March 28, 1950

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EP1648: Ellery Queen: The Saga of Ruffy Rux

Lawrence Dobkin

Ruffy Rux, a gangster, kills a friend of Ellery’s.

Original Air Date: November 27, 1947

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EP1647: The Saint: Pin No Roses on My Corpse

Vincent Price

A woman turns to Simon, scared because of a red rose she’s receiving with a sinister meaning.

Original Air Date:  May 20, 1951

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EP1646: Dragnet: The Big Gent, Part Two

Jack Webb
The hunt for the gentleman bandit continues.

Original Air Date: July 27, 1950

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