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EP0509: Sherlock Holmes: The Affair of the Politician, the Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant

Sherlock Holmes tries to break up the Limehouse drug trade, but finds himself confronted with the murder of Madam Fishface.

Original Air Date: October 19, 1947

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  1. This episode, as well as 510 and 511 the here in the sentenece Click here to download is linked to episode 505. The download link below the player appears to be correct.

  2. You mentioned Watson’s comment that Holmes would eventually be buried in Westminster Abbey. More interesting to me is the increasingly-explicit references (less obvious in previous versions of the show) that Holmes joins Watson in the “still alive in 1947″ crowd. Although Doyle did not set an explicit birth year for either man, this would easily put the both of them in their mid 90s!

    I’m sorry to say that I cannot agree with the announcer in his conviction that Holmes’ burial will not be for many years yet. It’s pushing believability that both are still alive even at this point in time. Surely the producers can’t keep up this illusion for much longer….

  3. So dissapointing. I remmember reading in a Conan Doyle story Watson saying something along the lines that attempts were being made to steal records from Holmes’ archives and if this did not stop the affair of the politician, the lighthouse and the trained cormorant will be revealed. And Watson added “one reader will know what this means”. Reading this I was fascinated about the possibilities of this story that had to involve someone who either was let go by Holmes or an affair so sensistive that had to be hushed and attemps were being made to steal the records. Who was the politician? What was the cormorant trained to do?

    But this story involves a half witted criminal, a drunk old woman that stunk of fish, the cormorant was not trained but slightly domesticated and everyone got caught and nothing hushed, so no attempts will be made to steal Holmes’ records.

    Oh well, I guess the writing cant always be attentive to as many details as I would like. Anyway sorry about the rant, but I know feel better. :-)

    Love the podcast,

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