EP0319: Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Original Hamlet

Tom Conway

A man who is nearly run over by a carriage tells Watson that he’s being haunted by a ghost.

Original Air Date: November 2, 1946

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  1 comment for “EP0319: Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Original Hamlet”

  1. John
    January 19, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    I have been listening to your show for awhile and really enjoy it. I hope it the future you play Richard Diamond as he is one of my favorite old time detectives.

    In this episode you talked about the different iterations of Sherlock Holmes, one that I haven’t heard you mention is the movie The Young Sherlock Holmes by Spielberg. Both my wife and I enjoy that movie, having not read any of the Sherlock Holmes novels I don’t know how well it captures the spirit of Holmes. I would be interested in your opinion.


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