EP0914: The Line Up: The Cigar Box Case

William Johnstone
Guthrie and Grebb investigate a series of pharmacy robberies.

Original Air Date: February 15, 1951

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  1 comment for “EP0914: The Line Up: The Cigar Box Case”

  1. Lisa
    April 6, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Adam, I really enjoyed this episode. I’m surprised there aren’t more twins in crime fiction—especially now that we know identical twins have the same DNA, but different fingerprints, making it impossible to convict the correct twin on DNA evidence alone. Here’s a stranger-than-fiction example from 2009:
    I’ve listened to your show every day since the first week you started (how long has that been now?) and I always learn something new from you! Thank you so much for keeping this podcast going, and especially for the extra show on Saturdays!

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