EP1034: Line Up: The Boots Krakov Killing

William Johnstone

Guthrie tries to solve a gangland killing.

Original Air Date: April 1952

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  1 comment for “EP1034: Line Up: The Boots Krakov Killing”

  1. August 31, 2013 at 11:15 am

    The Correct Original Air Date for this episode is
    The Correct Episode title is “That Takes Care of Everything”
    It was the last episode THE LINE UP.

    Cast and Crew Information from the script.
    From the Script: At the end of this broadcast, Bill Johnstone tells the audience that tonight’s broadcast marks the end of the series. Copies of this episode that are currently in circulation are from an Armed Forces Radio rebroadcast and do not include Johnstone’s announcement about the end of The Line Up.

    I spent five days at the archive looking at all of the scripts and extensive CBS documentation (approximately 5,000 pages) in the KNX Collection for The Line Up. During this time, I also viewed the series scripts and associated documents in the E. Jack Neuman Collection.

    My broadcast log can be found at the above URL.

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