EP2527: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The All Wet Matter

Mandel Kramer

Johnny heads to South Carolina, where an insurance agent fears for the life of a wealthy matron.

Original Air Date: September 3, 1961

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  1 comment for “EP2527: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The All Wet Matter”

  1. Mike
    June 1, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    I just started listening to the podcast a month and a half ago and I’m loving it. The first episode I listened to was the Johnny Dollar episode “The Chuckanut Matter” and I can’t help noticing that it has the same basic plot as this episode (Insurance company fears wealthy woman will be killed by her husband, instead she kills husband). It had a few twists to make it different and I still enjoyed it, but was pretty surprised to see they aired within two months of each other back in 1961.

    Was this a common plot structure for Johnny Dollar or just a coincidence? I’m catching up on the old ones, so interested to hear if I’ll catch this type of story again.

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