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  1. Daniel Kirk
    November 20, 2009

    Hi, Adam. Listening to the current podcast, you mentioned retro-styled radios. I wanted to let you know that in fact there are a few models of “retro-styled” or cathedral style radios that are set up for .mp3 players to be connected to them. I believe a couple of the Crosley models are set up for this, and if people don’t mind a LITTLE bit of anachronism, there’s also the “Explorer” XM Radio (http://www.gameroomantiques.com/Aa850.htm, look for “Explorer”) has a great retro look that’s flawed only by a backlit LCD display.

    Regarding the show in general — love it. I subscribe to a ton of OTR podcasts, but your Dragnet show and Great Detectives are tops. I especially enjoy the non-Dragnet Jack Webb shows, and invite my friends to listen with me quite often. They’re always surprised at how different Webb sounds when he’s not playing Joe Friday. Keep up the great work and the excellent variety of shows on Great Detectives. Best, Daniel Kirk

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