EP1151: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Long Shot Matter, Parts Three and Four

Bob Bailey
Johnny’s assignment to prevent a murder fails and leads to a murder investigation and will Johnny be the next victim.

Original Air Dates : June 27 and 28, 1956


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  1 comment for “EP1151: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Long Shot Matter, Parts Three and Four”

  1. Tim Szeliga
    January 9, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Another literary reference snuck in by the Johnny Dollar writers:

    “Why does the alibi in Pacific Heights have a doctor from so far away?”
    “Some people have a doctor in Patterson, New Jersey”.

    Why Patterson, of all places?

    There is only one notable doctor from Patterson, that is,
    Dr. William Carlos Williams. His practice was in the next
    town of East Rutherford, but his big long epic poem was “Patterson”.
    WCW went to college with Ezra Pound, hung out on Cape Cod with
    Eugene O’Neill and was Allan Ginsberg’s family doctor.
    His one poem that everybody knows is “The Red Wheelbarrow”.

    so much depends upon.
    a red wheel barrow.
    glazed with rain water.
    beside the white chickens.

    The writers were part of the world war II generation.
    The brightest of those who survived attended first-rate
    universities on the GI Bill. They would know who Williams
    was, even if the audience didn’t.

    At least that’s what I surmise.

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