EP1085: Gunsmoke: Mark Dillon Goes To Gough Eye

 Michael Rye

Marshall Mark Dillon goes to Gough Eye to investigate an allegedly crooked roulette wheel and finds a a series of murders.

Audition Date: June 11, 1949

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  2 comments for “EP1085: Gunsmoke: Mark Dillon Goes To Gough Eye”

  1. timbabwe
    October 25, 2013 at 6:29 am

    This Gunsmoke pilot felt eerily like an alternate OTR universe,
    with “Barney Gregg, Confidential Investigator”, Sgt. Joel Friday
    of “Drug-net” Maybe even “The Adventures of Phyllis Marlowe”
    instead of Candy Matson.
    Many story elements remained the same but the differences were
    jarring. McDonnell and Meston eventually created a modern-day morality play.

  2. timbabwe
    October 25, 2013 at 6:51 am

    Regarding the spelling: remember the simple rule from Dr. Seuss —
    “The tough coughs as he ploughs the dough”. It doesn’t help, but it ~is~ funny.

    At the National Weather Service, after years of uncertainty and repeated self-induced minor embarrassment over where to place the U in “Rain Gauge”, we’ve taken to arrogantly spelling it GAGE, even in official publications, as if daring anyone to correct us. It’s become part of the jargon, like obstetricians pronouncing measurements in SONT-i-meters instead of CENT.

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