Category: Video Theater

Video Theater 058: The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Wontner stars in this adaptation of The Valley of Fear. 

Release Date: February, 1935

Video Theater 057: Philip Marlowe: The Ugly Ducking

Marlowe pays off a wealthy young woman’s husband’s mistress, but she doublecrosses him and turns up dead.

Episode 1:

Original Air Date: October 6, 1959

Video Theater 056: He Walked by Night

The police search for a dangerous and resourceful killer (Richard Basehart). Jack Webb played Lt. Lee Jones in this film, which features many elements that would become staples of Dragnet.

Release Date: November 24, 1948

Video Theater 055: Decoy: Night of Fire

DescriptionCasey goes undercover in an office to investigate an arson. The business owner suspects a former mental patient.

Episode 23 (1957)

Video Theater 054: An Eye for An Eye

Casey is undercover as a drug addict in hopes of busting a heroine ring when a junkie dies, leaving behind a checkbook with $6,000 in it.

Episode 18