Category: Video Theater

Video Theater 097: Dragnet: The Big Show

A baby is found abandoned at a bus station. Friday and Smith search for the mother.

Season 2, Episode 11

Original Air Date: January 22, 1953

Video Theater 096: Michael Shayne: The Trouble with Ernie

A celebrity hero gets caught up in a murder.

Episode 29
Original Air Date: April 21, 1961

Video Theater 095: Dragnet: The Big Grandma

Joe Friday and Frank Smith find themselves in a Check Forging case that’s been going on for nearly a decade. The description of the perpetrator: A kindly looking elderly woman:

Season 2, Episode 9

Original Air Date: January 8, 1953

Video Theater 094: Michael Shayne: Marriage Can be Fatal

The son of dying wealthy man proposes to one woman and then another for his own reasons and then is murdered.

Original Air Date: March 31, 1961

Episode 26


Video Theater 093: Dragnet: .22 Rifle for Christmas

Joe Friday and Frank Smith search for two boys, one of which had opened his Christmas present–a .22 rifle.

Original Air Date: December 18, 1952

Season 2, Episode 7