Category: Video Theater

Video Theater 138: Checkmate: The Human Touch

Alonzo Pace Graham (Peter Lorre) is released from prison and plots revenge on the man who sent him there, Doctor Carl Hyatt (Jonathan Cabot.)

Season 1, Episode 16,

Original Air Date: January 14, 1961

Video Theater 0137: Dragnet: The Big Shoplift

Friday and Smith investigate a series of shopliftings at upscale department stores.
Season 3, Episode 28
Original Air Date: March 11, 1954

Video Theater 0136: Boston Blackie: The Gunman

Boston Blackie tries to convince a friend of Mary’s ex-husband of the risk of a life of crime.

Original Air Date: January 9, 1953

Season 2, Episode 13

Video Theater 0135: Dragnet: The Big Winchester

What first appears to be a suicide by a wealthy elderly bachelor turns into a murder investigation.

Original Air Date: March 4, 1954

Season 3, Episode 27

Video Theater 0134: Boston Blackie: Death Does a Rumba

Blackie investigates the murder of a waiter.

Original Air Date: January 2, 1953

Season 2, Episode 12