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Listener Support

Welcome to our bi-annual Listener Support Campaign which runs from August 24-September 11, 2014

Since 2010, the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio has not had a regular sponsor.  While, our app as well as our affiliate travel program provides some of the program's revenue, the vast majority comes from our loyal listeners.

We face many expenses here on the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio to keep the show going with $60 a month in hosting and $100 a year in malware protection plus  the great amount of time that goes into producing the programs.

You can contribute in one of two ways. Either: 1) You can send us a donation by Paypal.


You can also mail me a donation to:

Adam Graham

PO Box 15913

Boise, ID 83715

All year round, listeners get access to our premium site with donations of $7.00 or more. In addition, we've added a small selection of year-round thank are available if you email me requesting it. (Limit: One gift in addition to the premium site per donation)

$20 level:

A copy of any Adam Graham e-book including:

All I Needed to Know I Learned from Columbo
What Made the Golden Age Shine
An Ounce of Prevention* (my first detective story)
Tales of the Dim Knight
Fly Another Day
Powerhouse Hard Pressed

*Only available for Kindle. All others are available in any ebook format.


At the $50 level:

  • Two original Michael Shayne Dell pocket paperbacks books originally written between 1951-62. These editions were published between 1957-65. (U.S. and Canada Only.) (Note: only 2 two packs left.)

At the $100 level:

  • Your Choice of Volume  1Volume 2, or Volume 3 of John C Abbott's Johnny Dollar series. At the $250 level, we'll send all 3 books.
All Year Financial Support for the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

  • When planning your travel, go to our Priceline affiliate If you find a great deal and book through there part of your purchase goes to support the program at no additional cost to you.
  • Purchase the App at either the Itunes Store or in the Amazon Android Store.
  • Check out our Amazon widget on the lefthand side of the page with many books and movies I've reviewed that I think you'll find enjoyable.
  • Check out my store and pick up various ebooks, paperback books I've written.
  • You can also send me an item from my Amazon wish list.

Totally Free Ways to Support the Show:

  • If you like the show, rate it on Itunes. While reviews are appreciated, you can rate a show without reviewing it.
  • Become one of our friends on Facebook at
  • Follow us on Twitter @radiodetectives
  • Let your friends know about the show. You can send them a direct link to the home page or share on Itunes. Also if you're following us on Twitter, you can retweet episodes or on Facebook, you can share the episodes from our page right on to your own wall.
  • Link to us on your Blog Roll. (Let me know by email so I can link back to you.

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  1. I just discovered your podcasts through the windows phone appstore and have downloaded all the programs to my Lumia 1520
    Because of this I have donated 20 bucks. YourColombo book and some Perry Mason stuff would be great. I am sitting outside of the I C U of a friend and only have my phone and a short attention span

  2. I’d like the Marian Chronicles for my $20 donation. Thanks so much.

  3. Like listening to everything not how to get items for my $ 100.00 donation

  4. Wayne email me what you’d like. I emailed you with some info, Wayne.

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