The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio The great ones are back in action.

Listener Support

We face many expenses here on the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio to keep the show going with $60 a month in hosting and $100 a year in malware protection plus  the great amount of time that goes into producing the programs.

You can contribute to us as a monthly supporter through our Patreon Campaign:


Or you can support us through a one-time donation through either Paypal or if you would rather mail in a donation,send it to the address below.

You can mail in donations to:

Adam Graham
PO Box 15913
Boise, Idaho 83715

Important notes for mail donation: Check must be payable  to Adam Graham. Also, if you would like to receive special gifts, please designate the gifts you'd like to receive and include an email address. Also, if you request a physical item like a book or DVD, please include a physical address.

All one-time donations of $7 or more will receive access to our Premium with all of the extras we load onto the app.In addition, all donations of $20 or more will receive a free ebook copy (good on all e-readers) of your choice of seven ebooks   Please email me with your choice of gifts. In addition with a gift of $50 or more you can receive an autographed copy of my books or a $100 a relevant old time radio book.

Free Ebook Choices:


Books ($50-250, US or Canada only):

Adam Graham signed books ($50 each or $150 for four)

Adventures of Powerhouse:

Cole Ustick Political Thriller:


Old time Radio Books ($100)

  •  Your choice of one volume of John C. Abbott's guide to Johnny Dollar. Volume 1 covers the Pre-Bailey Johnny Dollar episodes,  Volume 2 covers the Bailey Episodes, and Volume 3 covers the post-Bailey episodes. We'll send all three with a donation of $250 or more.
  • Flights of Fantasy about the Superman radio and television programs of the 1940s and 1950s.

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  1. I just discovered your podcasts through the windows phone appstore and have downloaded all the programs to my Lumia 1520
    Because of this I have donated 20 bucks. YourColombo book and some Perry Mason stuff would be great. I am sitting outside of the I C U of a friend and only have my phone and a short attention span

  2. I’d like the Marian Chronicles for my $20 donation. Thanks so much.

  3. Like listening to everything not how to get items for my $ 100.00 donation

  4. Wayne email me what you’d like. I emailed you with some info, Wayne.

  5. Hi Adam, love your program and you commentary. I just made a donation of $50 (twice I think) and would love to get the Michal Shayne paperbacks.


  6. Hi Adam, at the end Episode 1534: Man From Homicide: The Winthrop Case, you mentioned Jim Backus role as Mr Howell, as well as his many roles in radio. Also wanted to remind you he was the voice of Mr. Magoo.

    Keep up the good work!


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