The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio The great ones are back in action.

A Commitment to the Use of Public Domain Programming.

We are committed fully only playing programs that are in the public domain and not covered by copyright protections and respecting the valid copyrights of artist and creators:

Q: When you say the shows you show are in the public domain, what do you mean?

A:  Prior to February 15, 1972,  Radio Programs were not covered under Federal Copyright law. All the shows that we use are made for U.S. audiences and were released prior to February 15, 1972. While, there are some instances where a domestic made show made after 1972 could be considered to not be under copyright protection for want of a valid copyright notice, as all the domestic shows I want to play were made before 1969 and most were made before 1962, I feel comfortable with the shows I have.

Q: What about foreign shows such as those from Australia?

A: There's some question about the status of radio shows that were never released in the United States such as Australia's Fat Man and Ellery Queen stories. Basically, the federal government took items that were considered to be in the public domain and declared them out of the public domain under the Uruguay Round Agreement Act of 1996. Currently, lawsuits are proceeding through the court system on whether Congress can retroactively restore copyright protections under the first Amendment. Until these questions are resolved in court, we won't be able to share any radio detective shows that weren't made for a U.S. audience

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  1. Please note that the volume modulation has not been correct at the beginning of each episode of late. The intro music is very loud, then your voice is very low and the quality is poor, then the episode comes on loud again.

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