Video Theater 0130: Boston Blackie: Inside Crime

 A robbery has occurred and a security guard is suspected of being the inside man.

Original Air Date: December 19, 1952

Season 2, Episode 10


EP2492: Dragnet: The Big Carney

Jack Webb

Friday and Smith investigate a series of high-priced shopliftings.

Original Air Date: May 3, 1953

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Audio Drama Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Death and the Life

(Note: This Review was originally posted July 2015) but is being reposted. Big Finish is having a sale. The download version can be purchased for 0.99 (in your local currency). You can access the sale by clicking here and using the password “redballoons” before 5/1/2018.

The Death and the Life is another one-man play starring Roger Llewellyn and written by David Stuart Davies adapted by Big Finish Productions. The story is a mix of fact and fiction. It centers upon Arthur Conan Doyle’s efforts to rid himself of his most famous creation once and for all with the writing of “The Final Problem,” which failed.

The play imagines Holmes and his fellow characters reacting to Doyle’s actions and scheming. Doyle’s disinterest is reflected in a hilarious scene where Holmes describes a madcap adventure to a snoring Watson. The story is bolstered by the use of Doyle’s journals and letters. Another great scene is the one which Holmes learns he’s a fictional character from his arch-rival, who is none too pleased he was created by Doyle as a single-use plot device.

With its light comedy and heavy symbolism, The Life and the Death is a story about a literary creation whose popularity transcended the writer who created him. The play is helped by another strong performance from Roger Llewellyn who manages to perfectly portray all the characters and angles of this deep and well-written play. Overall, this is another story that is a wonderful listen for fans of Sherlock Holmes.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

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EP2491: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Chuckanut Matter

Mandel Kramer

Johnny is sent to ensure that an insured woman isn’t murdered by her husband.

When making your travel plans, remember


EP2490: Boston Blackie: Slamming Sammy Saunders

Richard Kollmar

A man with thousands of dollars in gambling debts agrees to introduce a woman to his baseball player brother.

Original Air Date: April 29, 1947

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